Renovating your existing pool, whether it is a residential or commercial pool can be much more complex and demanding than even the most elaborate new pool construction. It requires knowledge of all the different methods and types of construction that have been used over the last 50 years in our industry.

A concrete swimming pool could have been constructed with a variety of different techniques and materials, from Shotcrete or

Gunite, to block or hand packed, to formed and poured.

With interior finishes ranging from tile or paint to plaster (Marcite) or an exposed pebble finish. A vinyl liner pool could have been constructed with anything from plywood or steel to fiberglass or polymer, with the materials used for

the bottom of the pool ranging from sand or cement to vermiculite. All of these pools require different techniques and different expertise to renovate, Just being a pool builder doesn’t qualify you to be able to handle all of the above examples, as well as all of the other possibilities, but at we are qualified.